Hard Times

These times we are living in are hard indeed. With everything that’s going on everyone’s emotional health has taken a hit. For some, this is a major one. Being socially distant is the last thing some need.

Do you know someone who struggles with depression? Have you checked on them? Do you make the effort so they don’t have to? It’s not always easy to tell when someone needs help. Warning signs can easily be overlooked.

Continue to be safe, but check in on family and friends even if or especially if they say they’re fine. family is important and very hard to understand and deal with sometimes. Just take a step to help if you can. Those who need help don’t always ask for it.

I know change is hard, I’m having some changes in my life right now and I’m not totally into them but life does go on and we must evolve along with them.

Please take the time to say a kind work to those you love and care about, it could make a world of difference to them.


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