Time for the Healing to Begin

Well I haven’t written in a good while, so I thought I would try and sit and get something on here.  No sure what to write, there is so much going on in this world.  This pandemic, the election and just the general state of everything.  I hope that all this calms down soon.  There are so many views on all that is going on, it’s hard to tell what is right and what is being said to scare and intimidate all of us into thinking or voting a certain way.

School has started and there is no clear direction for the students or the teachers.  Our youth is suffering from all of this mis-direction and confusion.  Come on people get it together.  Be as one make the plans universal, we need consistency and honesty to get through all of this mess.

Our government needs to be for the people as they were elected by the people.  They’ve been talking over a stimulus plan, that is really of no concern for them they’re not out of work, trying to make a living doing anything they can to put food on the table and to keep their families safe and healthy.

There has been so much trauma and drama this year.  We need the healing now, it’s time.   It’s time to embrace all of our differences and concentrate on a plan to bring this nation back to the great state that we know where it needs to be.  There has been so much wrong that it’s going to take a lot of bending and comprise to make the right equal.  We need to heal as one so that we can become one, become the role model others want to follow.

Well that’s about all I know, without getting political, and I’m not informed enough for that.  Everyone take care and more to come later.


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