My life has changed dramatically the last couple of years. Some good, some bad and I survived it all.

Had a leap of faith moment and made some changes on my own, which have turned out to be some of the best ones so far.

Had a talk, basically with myself, but I confessed some things that I had been holding onto for decades and I finally told the person I needed to tell and wow what a difference it made.

I finally let go of my grief and let in the happy memories and it has been a wonderful thing. I don’t know how long it takes for everyone but it took me almost ten long years to let it go.

Now if I can just get my health to fall in line I should be peachy. I don’t know why dieting is so damn hard, but I wish I had more will power to let the bad stuff go lol but it’s really good. I stay pretty active, we ride bikes and kayak too. It’s just not enough.

Words of encouragement are always welcome and I try and tell myself I’m worth it and I am but it’s been a long road of not feeling that worth and now that I do the negative still tries to push its way in.

Writing here has been a tremendous help for me and like I’ve said before these are my opinions and no one else’s. I want to speak my feelings and my mind and try not to offend anyone in the process. I can pretty much say how I feel about things here and clear my head.

I know I don’t have a lot of people that read this but I truly appreciate the ones I do have and I hope that I have made you laugh and maybe cry some too. I’m gonna keep trying to do just that and I wish everyone a happy life.


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