How much do you take before you say enough is enough? Do you let family go further than anyone else because you don’t want to upset the masses?

In fact everyone should be held to the same standards right? Well should and are, are very different things.

I’m guilty of doing that, letting family slide because they’re family. All the while it makes you feel like shit because you know that it shouldn’t be that way but it is.

People use the situation to run all over you. To make you feel bad or to make you doubt yourself.

You get blamed for people’s problems even though you had no hand in it. You’re an easy target because you care.

Do you harden your heart and stomp your feet? No just remember that the next time and make better decisions for you and not them. You may have to not help or let go of things for it to be better, but it will be better in the long run.

People have to stand on their own two feet and learn that their actions have consequences that they must suffer their consequences on their own not by making someone else do it for them.


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