Is It Love??

How can you be sure that love is love and not just infatuation?  Do you listen to your heart or your head?  Do you rely on gut instinct?

How do you know if its true love?  Do you love or are you in love? There is a difference in loving someone and being in love.  These are questions that you ask yourself  when you are in a relationship.

You look for certain things:  trust to be trusted, love to be loved, honest for honesty.  I think everyone has had their heart broken at one time or  another after all we’ve all had a first love right? Do you close the gate to your heart after being hurt?  No one would blame you if you did, but you wouldn’t be happy for long.  
Human connection is something we all desire.  The desire for companionship has been established throughout time.  Not just sexual, but emotional, intellectual connections to share our secrets with, someone who we can trust and that’s actually hard to find sometimes.
Some of the things we share are the pain we have felt from the wrongs we’ve done or the wrongs done to us.   We are not perfect and we are flawed, yet we strive for perfection in our lives including our relationships, and that tends to only hurt us in the long run. Speak the truth and be honest even when others are not that way with you.  Don’t play games with the lives of others its hurtful and just plain mean, and if you’re doing this is a person you love then you’re just sadistic.
With all the avenues that are out there to meet people we need to be more aware of the bad things people will do to hurt you and to take advantage of you.  Scammers will say anything to gain your trust and then comes the whammy. They’ll ask for money or phones or anything. They all or most of them will appear to be rich or working on some deal that requires them to go out of the country, that right there is a possible sign of a scam artist.  There are a lot of lonely people out there who’s only wish is to be able to share their life with someone, to have love and companionship in their life again.
Make sure you’re ready to be involved again, don’t take on a new relationship if you’re not all in.  You only end up hurting the one person that could actually be “your person”.  If you love someone and you tell them mean it.  Don’t say anything you don’t mean and most of all be honest with yourself so that you are honest with everyone else, especially the one you’re in a relationship with or desire to be in one with.

Bitches Brew

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