Leap Of Faith

What would make you take that leap of faith?

The chance to spend the rest of your life with someone that truly cares and loves you without reservation. To build a life with this person to have the chance to travel with them all over the country and experience life completely with them.

To have the joy that you’ve searched for all your life. To be totally and truly happy for the first time in your life. To not have any expectations put upon you, to totally be free to enjoy life the way it’s meant to be.

This is my leap of faith. I’m going to jump, no holds barred. All in. To meet the one person who expects nothing from you except for you to be happy and enjoy being taken care of.

I’ve never been taken care of except by my mom, and we know soon you have to grow up and do it on your own, or you’re forced to do it on your own.

Life throws all things at us good, bad and the ugly. Take all things in stride and don’t ever give up. NEVER!!!!

If you get the once in a lifetime chance do it. Don’t wait cause life will pass you by. NO REGRETS.

Full throttle, peddle to the metal kind of life, this is my stage in life and I’m ready to take on this world. Hand and hand with the most wonderful man life could possibly have sent to me, to make me finally realize that there is more to this life than just work and material things.

Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to the love of a man who means the world to me and to this newfound life I’m getting ready to embark upon.


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