Changed or Growth

There’s nothing like having your world ripped out from underneath you. It forces you to put your life and the things you honor and cherish in order.

You gain a new perspective for your whole ability to judge the life you have and the life you want to gain within a matter of a few days.

My whole world has changed more times than I would like to admit, and yes I’m at fault for some of it falling apart, and for other times it was tragedy that was to blame.

I will accept my events and move on with high regards for those I left behind. No hate or jealousy just a desire to move forward and to create the best life for the time I have left on this earth. To create a happy, fun loving busy eventful life. No regrets.

I want to smile and laugh, I want someone to keep up with me and want to do different things with me. I want someone to help me cook, and share the work load. To share all things good and bad happy and sad.

Bitches Brew

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