Raw Emotion

Have you ever had one of those moments or situations that totally pull the rug out from under you? I’ve had my share but today I think I’ve had the one that just might break me. I love with all my heart and I guess that’s the way you’re supposed to love, but it also leaves you vulnerable and untrusting.

My heart just had a knife put straight through it. This was not the first time but I have to let things fall the way they must. I can’t hold on to the guilt or the hurt from the past. I am broken. Hopefully the future will hold some kind of a happy life. I don’t think that I’ve truly ever been happy. I am always in the middle or on the outside looking in. Never felt like I’ve belonged to anyone or anywhere.

I see through tears and a broken heart and spirit, I want so much to tell things that no-one else knows. It wouldn’t change anything so I guess it’s best to not mention.

My wish is that one day that my heart will know how much I am truly loved, and that I am seen for me for who I am a broken soul. Even with all the mistakes I’ve made and the bad decisions, I have faced my share of demons, but it’s time I let GOD fight my battle because I can’t win or do it on my own any longer.

I’m tired of the shadows. I’m tired of drowning in my own tears, I need a step up, an extended hand to hold on to. I want to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m tired of hate, I want to finally feel some peace especially in my heart.


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