She’s Out

Well damnit she’s out. So if you work retail this ones for you. You have certain items available in a run of sizes anything else has to be ordered. So you do your best to help find what this person needs. You offer to order oh ok I can do that can I get it by Friday ( this is Thursday night). No I’m sorry it takes about a week and a half to get it in. Well that won’t work I need it tomorrow.

Please treat the people helping you find what you need with respect. It’s NOT their fault that the size you need is gone. Its also not their fault you waited a month before going to get your uniform for work. All knowing you had time to get what you needed, but instead you wait till the last moment and just expect what you need to be there. The 30 other people came got what they needed in a timely manner.

Boys and girls go home and re-learn what mama taught you or should have taught you. Also take note they are not your freaking maid, so if you’re going to leave things in the dressing room great just don’t leave it laying all over the floor. They ask to take what you don’t want or need give it to them, that way it can be hung up or folded per store guidelines.

To the pervert who thinks wearing a sock in your sweats and standing/leaning against the counter to make sure you’re noticed and making the young girls uncomfortable I hope someone stabs it next time.

If you wear makeup or perfume please don’t wear it when you’re trying on clothes it makes them stink and stains them, and it ruins them.

Oh my and ladies if you’re on your time of the month make sure you wear undies so you’re not leaving anything behind.

This has all happened and will happen again but the good ones are considerate of everything when shopping let’s all turn into the good ones.


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