Don’t like your job….Quit

I was in a local store yesterday and I was tracking down the produce guy to see if they had some things I wanted in the back.

He turns around huffs and said what. I was like ok never mind. Don’t want upset or bother you anymore I can get it another time or at another store.

If you’re that stressed or miserable at your job find something else. Take a break and breathe it’s a job and you can change that.

How would you feel working out in the hot sun all day? You’re stuck inside in the cozy air conditioner. Or stationed 1000’s of miles from your family?

Your discomfort is your own fault and only you can change your situation. If something is bothering you that bad ask for help, a break or a day off.

A person joins the service to make a difference, does it always work out for them no, but they made a commitment and have to follow through until their time is finished. They can’t just change their minds and give up.

You on the other hand can find something that’s better suited to your situation. So if you’re unhappy make your own difference. Don’t make others miserable because you don’t like who and where you are in life.

We all control the decisions we make. Maybe you’re just having a bad day so may the person you’re being rude to. Think before we speak or act who knows what the other person may be dealing with.

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