Today’s Society

What the heck is wrong with people today? You offer them a job and three weeks later they get back to you telling you that they’ve been really busy and can’t take the job right now.

Bitch please offered it to someone else when you didn’t respond. Get them hired paperwork all sent in and bam they don’t show up.

So number two is out so you start looking again just trying to find someone who would like to actually do the job instead of just accepting, and telling everyone they got a job.

Some people are just too much to take. I mean really getting a job and actually working are two different things. You have to be there for it to count as an actual paying job.

Don’t take a job and waste everyone’s time on filling out the paperwork if you’re not gonna show up anyway.

Just bitch up and take it like a girl. If you don’t intend to actually work don’t play and say you will. No one likes a tease.

This society is letting down it’s people by not making them accountable to standards that were set in place a long time ago.

We’ve let them slip away a little bit at a time until there is nothing left.

I’m proud to do my job and I work hard. I know people who work harder they work 2-3 jobs to get by and damn your lazy ass don’t wanna work one. Grow the freak up.

You get what you put in, so if you’re not giving it your best then you’ll get sh** in return.

Character it’s something to be proud of and they’re are so many that have none. I have mine and my pride of doing hard, honest work.

What do you have???

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.


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