Teach the future

You try to help someone, but without one trying to help themselves it is an unhealthy situation. Give them your help by teaching them to be self-sufficient.

Teach them a skill and they will have the knowledge and trade to be independent and on the right track to become their own responsibility instead of yours.

Doing everything for someone just makes them lazy and willingly dependent on you.

A person has to be responsible for their own actions and take responsibility for the consequences that follow the decisions they are making.

The world owes no one who does not contribute to the betterment of a nation and its people.

We must pass along the knowledge of the past so the future may continue to grow and nurture the little ones of today, for it is they that hold the key.

Being different doesn’t mean that you’re alone, just means your insight is your opinion of the same idea. Without being different there is no diversity.

Dare to dream your dreams and be the exception and not the rule. Be an inspiration to someone else’s dreams.

Give encouragement when needed, push and push some more when necessary and celebrate the victories.

Not sure if I’m the teacher or still the student. Guess in a way we are always students, there is always something to be learned and always something to be taught.

I guess we all need a lesson in humilaty probably on a daily basis, I’ll be the first to admit that I know I need a reminder.

Well that’s all I got for now. I hope I make all of you think about things, add a comment or start a discussion. Would love some kind of feedback.

Bitches Brew

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

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