The unslept because of the undead

Tried and tried to sleep last night. Went to bed early laid there awake all night.

I may have dosed of some but when it was time to get up all I wanted to do was sleep.

What the heck was up with that? Maybe I was just to worked up. It was Sunday and the Walking Dead was on.

That’s my Sunday show I freaking love the plots and twists they come up with. Maybe don’t like all the ones they’ve gotten rid of. Some did deserve it though.

Guess I’ll have to stay up and work off the show, but it’s sooooo damn good. It truly is the highlight of my week.

Who else likes the Walking Dead? Who’s your favorite cast member? I like Darrell he is bad ass. Kinda be glad when Negan is gone, or will he???? Carl’s dream showed him at the end. Who knows right? Maybe it was just that a dream.

Is Lucille finished after being burned??? Negan is very protective over that bat. Maybe that’s what makes him feel superior. Will Rick pay the price for touching and then setting it on fire?

My my what does the future hold?

Bitches Brew

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