What if ??

It’s really sad in todays culture that someone can say and do what they want against another. If you’ve done something wrong own up to it and take the punishment that will come along with it. If you’ve said something about someone and it’s not true, and you’re making it up just to get back at them then the punishment should be yours.

If you accuse someone of harming a child or doing drugs make sure you can proof it. They will be investigated, and when they pass with everything said and done, maybe the accuser needs to be looked into.

None of us are perfect we all have done things that we should have looked back and said, “I shouldn’t have done that”.

If you are purposely trying to hurt someone this way, it’s not funny its mean and vindictive. You should be ashamed of yourself and made to deal with your accusations against someone as if they were your own.

If you harm a child then the punishment should be a heavy one. If you violate another human being in any way you should be given the exact same treatment. If you’re just a mean spirited person then go live in your own world and leave everyone else alone.

Todays world is all to ready to sue over hot freaking coffee. What the hell you wanted hot coffee, that’s what you got quit bitching about it. I could understand if it had been poured on you, but geez quit trying to ruin the world for all the other normal people in it.

We are not a perfect race, we are not supreme we are human. We hurt and bleed just like any other in this world. We all have the choice to be a good person, but you do have to choose and work on being one. God gave us free will, but with that comes the judgement at the end.

Enjoy your freedom and your speech, because at anytime will be call to answer for it.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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