Suicide do we really know why

I can not stress enough to open your eyes and your heart. Pay attention to your loved ones. Listen when they wanna talk and please communicate in anyway you can. Keep trying to reach them.

Suicide is something that will shake your world to the very foundation on which it is built.

It is horrible and devastating, it will tear your insides out. There is so much pain when there is a suicide you feel like you have failed. There is the feeling of emptiness because there are very few answers to all the questions.

Why does a person commit such a final act, to take the life of not only themselves but to devastate the lives of those they left behind. I don’t know if it will ever be fully be understood.

I have experienced this as a child of a parent who took his own life and also as an aunt to a nephew who did the same, and just today we lost another young soul to this horrible act.

I cannot tell you that it’ll be ok, because it won’t be for a long time. Grieve for as long as you need. Take solace in knowing that the person is no longer in pain and that they are free of the chains that kept them buried in such deep deep agony.

My hope is that if you are suffering please seek help and if you know of someone that needs help then show them that there is a way to deal with all the pain they feel. It’s not an overnight fix, it will take months even years but hopefully they can get the help they so desperately need.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone. I am not a medical professional.

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