Your drive and purpose

What is it that drives you??? What is your purpose??? Everyone has a purpose and everyone has drive. I enjoy my family home and work. I love working it keeps me sane.

I think I’ve said too much sometimes and maybe upset people who think it was about them, but in all reality they are just observations that I have seen in my life and not necessarily from family.

When you worked in the public for as long as I have you see and experience a lot of stuff.

I’ve seen sexual harassment, seen the outcome of being brought out in the open and the punishment that went with it.

Have known people who went through abortions and adoptions with all the emotions that come from those situations.

Sexual abuse, physical, emotional been through it myself, any kind of abuse I’ve seen it. It’s sad it’s disgusting to think another human being would do that to someone, but it happens.

I’ve been laughed at, made fun of. So no it’s not funny and it hurts it hurts to the core. Not in the haha kind of way the cruel way. Mostly cause of my weight.

No matter but when you make fun of someone, it’s someone’s sister, wife, mother, daughter or someone’s brother, husband, dad, son. They are important to someone and they matter.

It’s not right, it’s something that can damage a person for life. Make them feel like they don’t have meaning. It can even have physical effects that can and have lasted a life time.

So I guess that’s what drives me. Being a person who had some of this happen to me, I don’t want to be a person that does that to someone. So if I’ve ever hurt your feelings, said something to you that wasn’t right I’m sorry. If I didn’t do enough to help, I’m sorry.

I ask forgiveness for and answer for the things I’ve done.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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