We need to communicate

Well I think I get surprised everyday by the things people do. From outrageous to simply amazing.

I was watching the kids baking championship on tv last night and one of the young ladies (11 years old) finished her project and went to help one of the other contestants who had burnt his hand earlier. She done this on her own no prompting from anyone else.

Well to the parents of this young lady bravo to a job well done. I was so impressed by her actions, she didn’t win the contest but she was by far the champion.

From something so amazing to my next observation, a young man changes so much that he can’t stay where he needs to be, with his family. Who knows what has him so different that he can no longer be the person he was.

What causes a person to end up destroying a family that loves them. Why do people push away and not seek help to deal with the sadness and anger or the hate and pain?

If you know some who is dealing with things they cannot handle on their own help them find the help they need. They probably won’t take it the first time but keep offering and they will eventually accept and then the healing will finally begin.

Sometimes we can’t help but worry and stress over things that sometimes we can change and sometimes we can’t.

Talk, just talk, communicate, somehow someway with someone.

Never give up because I’ve seen what giving up is and it’s a sad end with no answers only more questions and more feelings of dispair.

Help those who know not that they do indeed need help.

It’s not just about you cause you can be a lonely place to be alone.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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