Is it really comfort food??

So why do they call it comfort food??? That comfort only last a little while then the why did I do that sets in and like a breath of air the comfort is gone.

Who came up with that? We all need comfort at one time or the other but comfort food😟.

Is that why we gain an extra 15 pounds during the holidays? Don’t know about you, but that sucks. Winter is hard enough geez.

So have you started your New Years resolution? I don’t think I’ve ever made one cause I know I wouldn’t stick to it. I am not one who can do that. I give kudos to those of you who can.

I think it’s too much pressure to try and keep something that you’re not totally into and it stresses you out more to try than to just go about it another way.

It’s like taking painting the house at first it’s great and you’ve got good momentum and then, why did I start this today, I need a break. I’ll finish later, lol sounds just about right.

I hope those of you that made resolutions stick to them and achieve your goals, and to those of you that made one and said the heck with it, try another way and good luck.

We all deserve to be happy and healthy make that your goal and work it the way it fits you best.

As always these are just my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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