The end and it begins a new

Well Christmas is over all the hype and hustle and bustle is put to rest until next year so in another 362 days we’ll do this all over again.

This is a major time for depression and anxiety . Please take care and watch those that are more susceptible now more than ever.

With all expectations we put on ourselves to make the holidays flawless, let them be normal let the dinner be late, don’t worry so much about the decorations being just right. Take time for yourself and take care to stop and smell the roses so to speak.

This time is about family and friends but we are human and can not control Mother Nature or even our children. Obligations take over and we may not get to be with the ones we love during the holidays.

The pressure is on to buy the best, newest gadgets and trending clothing but don’t put yourself in debt to do that. They will understand and if they don’t they didn’t deserve it anyway. They should respect that sometimes just sometimes that being with the ones you love is more important, not what you’re able to give them. Nothing should be expected, then there is no let down or disappointment.

Just be grateful you have a something. There are so many that have nothing. No place to call home, eating sometimes or not at all. There are the abused and neglected. We have to do better. Quit being worried about what is the next best phone or game system or the best clothes.

Does this time of year not pull on your heart strings to do something for the less fortunate, to give and make a stranger need one less even for a minute?

Bitches Brew

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