Confused: This ones all over the place

Do we really listen? Are we a society that has to learn the hard way? I think so. No matter what, I think we are so stubborn that we must do it our own way and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s really not for without learning we cannot correct our behavior and our mistakes.

We are a selfish society in thinking that only one person can be correct or that one way is better I guess that could depend on the subject.

There are different ways of doing things and the results can be the same. Some ways much harder whereas more lessons are learned.

I like the easy way but it’s not always the best way maybe. Somethings are just hard, PERIOD. I think doing things over and over the same without trying a different approach is not the best way to teach or be taught.

Make your suggestions and share your ideas but don’t be offended when they’re picked apart for this reason or that and then thrown to the curb because it’s not what they wanted to hear or the way they wanted to proceed.

Show your support but don’t be a stepping stone.

Just my opinion

Bitches Brew

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