Why should we care???

Why should we care what others think? Do you care? Do you apologize for making someone uncomfortable?

If you tell the truth the only one that will be offended and angry is the one who lied. Keep yourself straight and true, don’t worry about anyone else. You will lose friends and yes even family but maybe it’s a change that needed to take place. If someone truly has your back they’ll be there when you need them.

I was reading a post on Facebook today and the person ask if they could talk about certain things very personal certain things as they didn’t want to offend anyone. Talk about what’s in your heart and if you do offend anyone and you will, maybe just maybe what you’re writing about is something that they’re too embarrassed to address themselves.

Today we are so worried about things that might offend someone that we skirt around the truth. Just say it, it will sting for a bit but if it’s the truth once it sinks in the healing will begin.

Karma, yes I believe in it cause I’ve had a dose or two myself, did I like it….. that would be a big fat nope. Did I learn from it, I sure hope so and I’m sure that I’ll still have more to swallow down the line, but I’ll do it and get back up and carry on.

I’m learning that if you have something to say it’s better to just say it and not keep it bottled up. So buckle up buttercup the ride has just begun so watch out for the twist and turns and the cliffhangers, there might be a few.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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