Try Try Try and Try again

I have tried for years to lose weight and get and stay healthy. I’ve tried a lot of the latest and greatest trends. I’ve been tested for thyroid problems the tests were normal. I have type 2 diabetes and I cannot lose weight. What makes it so freaking hard for one person to lose and so easy for another? I wish I knew, cause for me I could not eat anything for a week and I’d lose nothing, my body would go into overdrive defense mode and I’d end up gaining 50lbs. Forget the holidays and winter trying to lose during those times is like climbing Mt. Everest with a fork in each hand. I just wish that I could get to the point where I would be ok the way I am, but being totally honest I hate my body. I don’t like the way I look and I know some will say change it, well I’ve tried and tried. I’ve cried myself to sleep at night because I don’t like being this way. So the next time you decided to call someone names or talk about them remember that they may be struggling and are trying to make it better. Also the person you talk about is someone’s mom, sister, wife, brother, dad, son, they belong to someone. So if you care about yours don’t talk about theirs.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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