Being Human

We as humans are the most complex and simple of beings. We want what we want no matter if it’s at the expense of someone else. We fail at human decency on a daily basis and forget about kindness. Why is that? Is our understanding limited to being so self-centered that we can’t see past our own nose. Why are we so inhuman that we cause others pain and suffering, and most of the time it is those that we hurt that we say we love the most. We all fall short in areas of our life that we could and should pay more attention to. I have hurt people and for that I am truly sorry. I am learning to be a better human and it is all trial and error and boy oh boy are there a lot of errors.

The long and short of it is that we say things we shouldn’t, not saying that its not true but maybe we shouldn’t have said it out loud.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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