Let Them Be

Let the children be children. Children learn what they live. Let them have a childhood worth of being a child, don’t use them as pawns in a bad relationship. Don’t let them be your babysitter of their younger siblings and I’m not saying they can’t help you “watch” your own children but don’t leave it up to them to be the chief cook and bottle washer. You had your childhood let them have theirs, no matter the one you had you should strive to make it better for them. Speak kinds words when they deserve it and stern ones when the need it. Teach them how to be human beings that care for others that are less privileged. Teach them to share even the basic things that we all take for granted. Show them love and understanding so that they learn how to give it to their own children, your grand babies. Don’t let them become a product of hate and don’t let them go without saying I love you child of mine.

Teach them to work hard and honest, for nothing in this world is free there is a price to be paid even for the meager things. More of a price when our wants out-way our needs. Spoil the child but don’t “spoil” mind of the child, always give them an opportunity to learn books smarts or street smarts we need both.

Support our future don’t use them for they will be taking care of you when you’re old.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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