The Power of the Mind

Have you ever taken a health course and 2 days in you’ve got whatever they’re describing. Then the next week you have all the symptoms of the next thing you’re studying? Lol our minds are amazing it’ll lead you to believe you have some dreaded disease and then it’ll talk you out of it just as fast. It will lead you to believe that everyone is talking about you and that everything you read is about you. It may sound like you have all the symptoms to every disease out there and that everyone is out to get you. Relax its not you and after you visit your doctor a million times and she reassures you that you don’t have everything you just studied and your mind finally convinces you that your safe, laugh out loud, it’ll make people wonder what you’re up to. Take the preverbal chill pill and enjoy life.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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