Moving On

We grow as people through all the trials and hardships we experience. Being considerate to others feeling and trusting someone that’s supposed to have your back is being a good friend. Right??? Why is it the ones that say trust me are the ones that you probably need to be watching out for? You give them room and maybe just maybe they do do the right thing, or they just hang their damn selves. We get disappointed by people everyday just thought that maybe it was different, but not. Took awhile to see it but the trust or lack of and disrespect showed it’s ugly head. The sacrifices were worth everything up until now. Enjoy everything, all must come to an end and this is the end for one relationship. The other will remain forever. Nothing and no one are perfect mistakes were made and so were apologies but there is no longer anything worth fighting for as for this friendship. It’s sad but necessary. Moving on.

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