What You Talking About?

You ever just want to be a fly on the wall? Might not be a bad idea but are you prepared for what you might hear? If it’s your own house then the circumstances my warrant something like that. I think people talk about others all the time. Is it right probably not is it ever going to stop lol no. There are people that want to make themselves look good in front of others so the old friend is talked about to the new friend, and of course they put themselves in a good light always. Can’t be a rotten person right? I guess that’s what makes us all human not decent just human. What does make you a decent human being? Admitting we make mistakes, owing up to them and saying your sorry when you’ve wronged someone. Making an effort to make things right and standing up for yourself. Why standing up for yourself well if you let people just walk all over you and use you because they can makes you just as bad as they are. No one likes to say they’re sorry and mean it and admit they were wrong but sometimes you just have to. Using someone to better yourself or to accomplish your goals at the price of others and friendships that have been through hell and back with you is not the way to do things. Take a look at what you will be losing cause eventually that person will stop caring and walk away, not because they want to but because they have to to preserve their own sanity and self respect without that we are nothing. Everyone has secrets and skeletons in their closest but just realize if you’re calling someone out on something be sure your closet is clean.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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