Locked Away

OMG what a weekend I have a houseful most of the time. I barely get time alone. Well In fact the only time I get alone is going to work and coming home. I have at any given time way too many people in my freaking house yelling and screaming oh lord what the hell. What did I do in my life to have all this? Oh wait I freaking care that’s what it is. It’s not what you say but what you do that has an impact on the lives of others. What you say may hurt and cause pain to those you say you love and if that is true maybe one should not talk. Patience is a virtue wasted on today’s youth they know not what they do. I trust way too freely and I love way to easy. I enjoy the people in my life but my heart is bound in steel to never be unlocked again. I will not hurt your feelings but I will not share or open mine up to be taken for granted ever again. I have truly turned the other cheek for the last time. Only certain people mean something in my life and they know who they are. I do love with all my heart.

Bitches Brew

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