Would You???

Would you die for your beliefs? Would you die for your children? What would be the one thing you would not do?

I would die for what I believe in but more than that I would die for my children always would, always will they are the only reason I am here on this earth. They are the only thing that mean anything this includes my grand babies too. I love easily and sometimes that’s my downfall I want to believe that there is good in everyone, but the truth is there’s some bad mojo out there. The evil in this world is trying to darken the light. We have to fight and make sure that it shines as bright as yesterday for tomorrow so that the future we leave our children is one that we have bettered for them not destroyed for them to fix.

The one thing that I would not do is turn my back on my children ever. I want to enjoy every minute I get to spend with them. So let the light shine.

Bitches Brew

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