Courtesy Kills

Well given advice would be best taken with a grain of salt. Listen to it but only follow if your heart knows it to be true. Trust your gut feeling most of all. Your instinct rarely leaves you blindsided. Trust those you know to be true and let go of those who are not. You may be heartbroken over the loss but in the end more enriched knowing that bad karma will not own you. I have trusted the wrong people all my life and all they had was their best interest at heart not mine. I like to give people the benefit of doubt and forgive but I don’t forget. So when you get to meet the new person don’t be surprised when she calls you out. The bitch is out to stay. I can no longer control what she says or does nor will I. So let this be your warning and don’t act like you’re the victim cause that shit doesn’t work anymore. I have no regrets nor will I ever life is to short for me to continue to walk on eggshells for the people in my life who say they love me, love you too but watch out for she forgives no more. I will still allow you to be in my life but not at the level you once were. Suck it up buttercup shit just got real.

I will give respect when you earn it. It will no longer be given just because it’s you. No matter what you have to offer it will be looked at with caution and prejudice not just accepted freely.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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