Master Mind

Are you the master to your own mind? Do you allow people to play mind tricks with you? Are you fully aware that the human mind will play tricks on you? How you handle yourself tells if you have your head on straight. Stress can and will affect how you deal with life’s daily entourage of problems. Talk things out don’t let them build up over time they can and will physically harm you. Take up boxing or another physical activity to help unwind and relax. Don’t let others small minds stress yours out. Speak what’s on your mind don’t let it build up then overflow to the point you’re mad and say things out of anger. Always remember once said it can not be taken back, just as written words can not be erased. Be precise and direct with all that you speak. If you mean it say it, be direct but don’t be mean. You will hurt some feeling and bruise some egos and even jolt some hearts such is life. If you tell stories and lie on people be prepared for the outcome to hit you like a tsunami. The ground will shake rattle and roll so go with the flow and hang on life is a roller coaster it will make you sick to your stomach scare the shit out of you and give the best time of your life.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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