Beyond my control

This has been a rough week.  Things have happened beyond my control, and not sure I like the feeling of not being in control, but such is life.  Girl up and move on.

Well I reach the limit that I could take. Needed some space, so I took a ride on the parkway.  Not much color yet but it was nice. Just me, myself, and I.  Need to do that more often.  Nice and quiet, turned the phone off for a bit, had to or I would not have gotten any peace.  I will be doing that more, it is so beautiful looking out to the clouds and the mountains.  I can’t wait to get some pics of the fall colors.  I don’t get much time to do things that I like to do, I work 6 days a week and then the day off spent cleaning and laundry, just like everyone else.  I will make the time to smell the roses so to speak. I’m getting tired, and need a rest.  I want more, and soon, very soon I will be able to do what I want and when I want, not relying on anyone anymore, just my own ability to complete the tasks that I need done.  No more asking, if I can do it myself  so watch the freak out, she can move mountains.

Bitches Brew

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