Called out

Call like you see it. Let’s just say a member of your management team was caught talking like a baby what would you do? Would you tell her to grow the freak up and act like an adult? Or would you let it slide? I think I’d rethink my choice of putting her in a position of authority, who’s gonna listen and have respect for a person who baby talks. If you talk like a baby and you get called out on it who would you be mad at? Would you not be mad at yourself for doing something so childish. Why would you want to take it out on co-workers who thought it was stupid in the first place. Just because you thought it was cute no one else did, it was irritating. It’s your fault no one else’s but your own and the consequences that go along with that. You’d rather ruin a friendship than accept the outcome of your own actions. Be a bitch but own up to it. Actions equal reactions so if you’re not ready for the outcome then don’t do the deed. This one of course was just an observation I made a few years back.

As always this is my opinion and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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