The seasons

We have 4 seasons. Spring summer fall and winter. I like spring fall and winter, summer is good too just too dang hot. We could say we have the same four seasons in our lives. Spring for infancy to the teenage years, fall spans the greatest time leading us into retirement and then into winter our senior years. Do you have a favorite season.? I like spring for all the colorful flowers we get, and fall for the cooler weather with the fall colors that come with that time of year and of course winter for the pure white snow. I like summer but…. I don’t like the bugs, the heat, and the severe weather that comes out of no where, but can’t have one without the other. Just like you can’t have all good there will be some bad that will find its way in. Good times, bad times it’s all time spend it well. Live, love, laugh, forget and forgive. Tell the ones you love that you love them, spend time with the ones who matter. Enjoy yourself. Drink the wine and eat the cake. We are of course only human.

Bitches Brew

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