Being abused in any way shape or form is not what a person dreams their life will be like. Abuse comes in many forms. Each comes with its own detrimental personal affect. Chances are you know someone who has been abused in some way whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s not something that one would shout out to the masses, it often leaves the victim feeling degraded and a feeling of worthlessness. Are the abused worthless HELL NO but are often left to feel this way by their abuser, like it’s their fault someone did this to them. It’s not, you are NOT at fault. No matter the form of abuse it’s still abuse. If you suspect someone is being abused offer them comfort, give them some peace that they are not alone. Give them strength to overcome, and help them find healing help them to restore their confidence, give them validation that they matter. That they matter in the big picture as well as the little picture. Give them kind words because you never know that that the one gesture of good will might just be the push they need to move forward and out of the situation they are in. Your kind words may give them the strength to get help and take their life back, because when being abused your life is not your own until you have the control back.

Bitches Brew

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