Hard work

Are you scared of hard work?  We were brought up learning that hard work was what you did. It was part of your character,  you made it part of your DNA.  I started work when I was only fourteen.  I wanted my own money, to buy what I wanted.  I worked waiting tables.  I have to say I enjoyed being a server,  you get to connect on a level that most people don’t.  You are the front and the back of the house.  How you present yourself says a lot about what kind of person your are.  You are the first impression of that business.  Make it count your money depends on it.  I quit restaurant work and went into retail.  You are still the front of the business, you are still the first impression.  What kind of impression do you make?  I strive to be my best and to always have a positive attitude, because it does matter, people know when things are off, when you’re not in a good mood it shows.  If you don’t smile and greet your customers then they don’t have a good vibe and quite possibly might not come back and shop with you.  Why would they, if they don’t feel welcome then they won’t spend their money with you.

Don’t talk about other employees or customers when you have company.  Its poor taste and just plain rude.  We all do it but it really shouldn’t happen.  I’m guilty I admit it.  I try to put myself in the customers shoes, if they are rude or what, you never know what they have been through.  Mums the word.

Be helpful and stay on top of whatever you do.  Your constant attention to detail will have a positive outcome.  Enjoy what you do if you don’t you’re the only one who can change the course of your life.  It’s your destiny own it.

Bitches Brew

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