Heart Strings

I guess one day you won’t be too busy to stay and chat for a bit. Maybe you’ll have some time to spare. I wasn’t a perfect mom but I tried to be a good one, I had to learn as you learned. I made mistakes that I could not change. I don’t know that I would have because look at the person you are now. If things were different would you still be the same today? You grew to be a strong person all on your own. I was always there for you just in the background just far enough in the dark so I couldn’t be seen. Longing for one more hug or one more I love you but they grew farther and farther out of reach. As your light grew brighter my light dimmed to just a glimmer. My hope is that one day you’ll realize how much you are loved by the one person you matter most too. You are forever a part of my heart no matter how broken it becomes I will love you forever because that’s just what I do. You forever have my heartstrings.

Bitches Brew

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