To Read or not To Read

So let me start by saying these blog posts are general observations.  They are not about one certain person or persons.  These are things I’ve noticed throughout my life.  I’m not judging,  just making observations.  If this bothers you then don’t read my blog. I’m not making you this is of your own free will. The bigger picture here is why did it bother you? Take a look at things in your life. Can you better them?  Yes we can all better ourselves.  Are we doing things that we should not be doing?  Probably.  We all have those areas we need to work on. I’m not perfect I make mistakes on a daily basis. Trusting someone I shouldn’t with certain things, or saying things I shouldn’t say truth or not.  I’ve lied. That’s my bad and I’ll live with it and the consequences that will come from it, but I will learn or have learned from it. I’ve had my feelings hurt and I’ve moved on, will it happen again-of course.  Will I like it NO, but I’ll move past it after I pout a bit. We are freaking human it’s what we do.  Some do it on purpose, others just let their mouth overload their ass.  Is it right maybe not, but if it’s the truth take heed in what was said and learn from it. There’s a little truth to every lie told.  Think about that one. Jealousy is a big motivator in our actions, and yes we are all jealous at one time or another. It’s what you do with it. Do you let it consume you?  Hell NO stand up and fight the good fight.

So if I ruffled your feathers buckle up buttercup life’s a bitch sometimes, and so am I.

These are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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