Sleep is overrated

Well sleep eludes tonight. I lay here listening to people sleeping, some snore like freight trains while others are more quiet. You hear every noise that every item in your house makes every cycle the fridge runs every cube of ice that falls. Every tic the clock makes. Your house will make noises you didn’t even know it could make and you will hear them all. You hear the ceiling fans, the settling down of the pets and yes they snore and dream just like we do, as well as doggie talking in their sleep. You hear the rain and wind you feel the thunder and see the lightening. So after a few hours of noises from hell you’ll fall asleep for 60 seconds just before the alarm goes off to start your day all over again. So as the saying goes “sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.” Lol and who can really sleep with a saying like that stuck in your head???

Bitches Brew

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