Do you take the blame for your actions? Do you admit when you’re wrong? Do you know someone who blames everyone else on their bad decisions? I think we all probably know that one person who won’t stand up and say that they made a mistake or that they were wrong. That one person that doesn’t appreciate anything you do for them they’re always ungrateful and expect you to give your all while just skimming the surface on their own efforts. Someone who doesn’t tell the truth because it will cast a dark image on themselves so they put a spin on the truth that favors them.

Well sometimes you just have to cut the rotting strings and let them fall. Make them accountable for themselves. Make them grow up and finally become the adult in their world and own up to their mistakes and bad decisions.

It’s a tough world out there so buckle up buttercup. Get your shit together and act like the adult you are. No-one cares to hear you whine any more. You are a product of your own making, so if you don’t like the situation you find yourself in then change it.

Bitches Brew

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