She’s out

Well she’s out tried all day to keep her in but the bitch is out.  To all of the people who were spoken to and you ignored the person speaking to you, that is a human being doing a job to help you find what you freaking need, speak back you’re not entitled, no one is. We are all equal no one is perfect NO ONE.  We all make mistakes, do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing.  Never think you’re better than anyone.  All your actions have reactions and consequences, be prepared for karma cause she’s coming back and she is a bitch.

Some people can be so inconsiderate, thinking of only themselves, not thinking that their actions not only affect them but also the people around them.  So if you’re a snotty little bitch you’ve ruined someone’s day. Try being a human for once, you might surprise yourself, something good might just happen to you and the people around you.

It will not kill you to speak when spoken to. I hope you speak to your family when they speak to you, otherwise you must have a lonely life.

Bitches Brew

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