For those of us who have or had a good one cherish her with all your heart, for someday she will no longer be on this earth.  Go spend time with her, speak kindly to her and sit and listen attentively to her every word no matter what you think, just listen to her. What I would give to hear my moms voice just one more time, one more ounce of her wisdom, one more I love you from her. The little things do matter, they matter to her and will matter to you in the long run.  Make memories with her when you can, share even the smallest victories with her because she cares, she wants to know all that you have to share, even if you think it’s not worthy enough to share, share it with your mom. Let her decide what is worthy to her.  You will not always get along, but make the effort to keep things going no matter what was coming between you.  Listen to her advice, and no you don’t have to always take it, but listen.  She cries when you cry, you just don’t see her, she hurts when you hurt you just don’t feel it.  Don’t shut the door on her because hers is always open to you.  Her love is never-ending, her strength never fails, and her hope never ends.  Her desires for you are always first and her wants are left behind. She is your rock.  What are you to her? Her everything, what is she to you????

Bitches Brew

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