Calming Rain

Have you ever just sat and listened to it rain?  It is quite relaxing.  No radio, no TV, no phone just the rain drops on the roof.  Have you ever played in the rain?  There’s just something about the rain that calms and relieves the stress of the day.  Wash away all the negativity you’ve had for the day and let it clean your house so to speak.  Enjoy the smell after a rain, clean and fresh.   Run in it, play in it be a big kid, enjoy your life, have fun and get dirty.  Play with the kids in the rain, what could be a more simple pleasure than that.  Hear their laughter and giggles as the rain drops run down their little cheeks and wet their hair and make them look like little rats.  Jump in the puddles, let the mud squeeze between your toes.  We all need to take lessons from the children and the raindrops.  Nothing is forever, we grow up and no longer want to play.  Enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer.  As the saying goes eat the cake and let the rain wash it down.

Bitches Brew

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