Death Wobble????

Well if you’re in the jeep community and have an older jeep you are probably in the know about this. These things need to carry a warning with them, a cd to pass from owner to owner. This was an experience of epic proportion. This happened to me yesterday and no I knew nothing about the “death wobble” I thought the freaking wheel was coming off. Nothing could have prepared me for this one, not even a video. Geez it was enough to scare me into wanting to sell it, but today is a new day and now that I’ve got my nerves under control I think I’ll probably keep it. It’s a good runner nice ac and the 4wd works good. I’ll probably only use it when I have to though. I don’t think my heart can take that wobble again for awhile. So hopefully it won’t do that again. There are things to do to fix it and I probably will. They are reasonably cheap so to have the peace of mind it’s worth it. Still a little unnerving to drive but I got this I am woman hear me roar.

Bitches Brew

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