Cast into HELL

Oh my what a night. Had a sugar drop, thought I did ok but it was one hell of a night. Swear I was cast into hell and climbed a million steps to get back out. The leg cramps were not a joke that’s for sure. I ended up having a 2 o’clock in the morning shower but it didn’t help much. My grandson must have had a dream about dinosaurs cause he woke up at 5am talking about one. So I think we were in this dream together with fire and lots of climbing. I don’t know if that’s even possible. I do believe my crappy night and his bad dream were tied together some how. Feel like poop today and he was definitely more clingy this morning.

I didn’t even have a drink last night this was so unfair. If this was gonna happen at least I could’ve had a bit of fun out of it but that would be a big fat nope. I will be watching that sugar more closely tonight, I do not want a repeat.

Go out have a great time but don’t connect with me kinetically or in any other form. I want a peaceful non eventful night. Thank you in advance.

And yes Lord I’m awake and I understand.

Bitches Brew

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