Courtesy is common sense

Courtesy is common sense people.  If you go to a business and they offer to order something for you, free shipping and all have the common sense to have your voice mail SET UP or EMPTY to where if you cannot answer the phone you can be left a message that your item has arrived.  If you haven’t paid for it then the business is sitting on that with their money tied up until you decide to come pick it up, you think oh no big deal maybe not to big box stores, but mom and pop shops depend on their merchandise moving and selling not sitting and waiting.  You should pick up things within a few days or call and let them know when you’ll be there or that you don’t want it anymore. Hopefully they can get rid of it without discounting or taking a loss.

If you want to use a coupon make sure you have it at the time of purchase.  Ask about discounts when buying ex: military or whatever, all they can do is say no, and don’t go back 2 months later and want a discount on the things you bought then just because your friend got one yesterday on hers.  Get all the facts before demanding a refund on a discount you may or may not deserve.   Ask when you are purchasing present day or at least within 7 days some places will honor that if you have a valid one to use.  Most of all please don’t be a hateful old bitty.  Patience is a virtue too often forgotten.  Be nice and it should be returned to you.  If it’s not don’t stoop to that level hold your head up and be proud that you played the good hand.  Kindness goes a long way.

Good customer service is almost a thing of the past, the younger generation doesn’t know how to treat people with respect and grace.  They assume that they are privileged and don’t have to be decent, well sorry to burst your bubble, but be good cause it will bite you in the ass.  Karma is a real life bitch.  Pull your pants up no one wants to  see butt crack, and respect yourself enough to have the girls under control and not out playing in public.  Leave some things to the imagination.

If you’re going in for an interview dress nice, not slutty, not thuggish be a human being respect yourself and the employer.  If you’re called for an interview, show the freak up or have the courtesy to call and decline.   Geez people time is money and don’t waste mine.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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