Grand babies and life


I’m lucky to have beautiful babies.  I love them all with all my heart.  They are my whole world, my children were and still are but oh boy to have grand babies .  I don’t get as much time with them as I would like, but I do LOVE them.  I have girls and boys and they couldn’t be more different.   I think they will be game changers when they get older.  I’m so proud of their parents and so honored to be nana, and Oba.  They warm my heart,  I can only smile when I think of them.

You see I’m to the point where I can spoil them and send them home.  HaHa!  That’s when the fun begins, and trust me all the things you did to your parents, your offspring will bring back to you.  All the joy, the laughter, and the tears and pain, but I wouldn’t do anything to change my life or any of the decisions I made because they are what made my children who they are, and how strong they are and what they can handle.  Some of the choices broke my heart and I cried over them but it was what was best for them. Didn’t mean that I loved them less, it meant I loved them more.  I would to this day die for my children, without even a thought, for they gave me the strength and the reason to be here now.  They are your survival instinct, and I am a mama bear, don’t mess with my kids or my grand babies, cause I will take you down Painfully.

God gave us this life to enjoy, and to deal with the pain and there will be pain, he gave us grandchildren, the whip cream to the pudding.  Enjoy life, live, have fun and run and play with the big dogs, and when one tries to bite turn around and swallow them whole.

Bitches Brew

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