WOW what a week

Every have one of those weeks? Or days, whatever it may be and you’re so glad it’s done and over with. Seems like they run in 3’s. I just want some peace. Then all of a sudden it starts again. Hang in there it’s almost over. Hang on you’ve got this, well crap no I don’t I’m tired and need a break have you said that one today? Well take a deep breath and hold, hold, hold…. and it’s the weekend. Sit back take a break for yourself, reboot. Have a drink or two or three, whatever it takes and have some fun. Go for a hike, take a long ride, just take in the scenery. Enjoy what life has to offer, it only comes once so take it by the horns and enjoy the ride.  Paint the door red who cares its yours.  There’s a meaning to that so if you don’t know just ask.  If you need to cry then cry,  I’m a big believer in crying, it relieves stress, and washes the soul.

Well that’s all I have for today, this is my opinion and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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