What’s your favorite????

What’s your favorite drink?  Mine, well I have a few.  I like Kahlua and cream, I also like one called Life-Savor lol I also like a good Margarita with cranberry of course.  If you have a favorite drink share the recipe.

What’s your favorite comfort food? Not sure I have one, I’m kinda picky.  I like food don’t get me wrong, you’d know that if you seen me, but there’s nothing that I just have to have.  Well, except maybe my mom’s apple salad that my sister now makes at the holidays.  Now that’s something that’s worth waiting for.

What’s your favorite TV show,  mine hands down “The Walking Dead” a little disappointed that Glenn is gone but still a kick butt show,  I like those DYI shows too.  I think Property Brothers, and Fixer Upper are the top 2 for me,  Good Bones is a nice one too.

What kind of cameras do you like, I have a Nikon D60 it shoots well, maybe a little too well for me, I’m not that versed with it anyway.  I just have fun with it, not trying to stress myself out taking pictures.

What kind of electronics  work best for you?  I like my Apple products, although I don’t have the Apple watch yet, but that’s next on my list.  I’m so used to Apple I can’t operate anything else.  If they made household appliances I would probably have them too.

What’s your dream car?  Mine was a Lincoln which I managed to purchase a few years ago.  I really enjoy it, it’s a hybrid so that’s a plus, half the time you don’t even know its running.

What would be your dream vacation?  I wanted to go to Japan to visit family, but doesn’t look like that will happen, so I’ll visit when they come back state side.  Would have been an amazing trip, a trip of a lifetime.

Hope you share some of your interests, would love to hear from you.

Bitches Brew

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