We all have that one friend that would bail you out if you needed it.  The kinda friend that’s there for life even if you haven’t spoken in 6 months you can pick up exactly where you left off the last time you where together.  Mine is my sister she’s my best friend, she’s been there by my side, she’s had my back more than once.  She has all the memories that I don’t, and she usually has the answers I need or can figure it out or find it for me.  She’s been there forever and when my mom passed she stepped up and has been my rock. Besides my mom she’s the strongest person I know.  She’s the one person I can count on and has always been there to help. It’s hard to say what makes a person be the way they are and to know who they become because they’re in your life and who you become because they’re in your life.  I don’t what I would do without her in my life, she’s the only person that I’ve never been able to talk to some of the stuff that we’ve talked about my mom didn’t even know about there’s a lot of things nobody knows about that’s happened in my life.  From the time I was young I never thought that I belonged to my family it wasn’t until my oldest graduated Basic training that I realized he looked a lot like my father so much so I got weak in the knees just looking at him. She’s been there through everything with me her and my mom but now my mom is gone she’s the only one that I can turn too. I was very blessed to have the mom that I had and I feel very blessed to have my sister now.  I sit here trying to write this with tears running down my face, I had to say goodbye to my mom and I wasn’t ready I guess really I’m still not ready and I don’t look forward to the day I have to say goodbye again to my sister hopefully we will both have long lives. I just want say  thank you to her for being there knowing what to say when it needed to be said. I think we all take for granted that we’ll always have the people in our lives when in reality we’re just borrowing them, and one day god will want them back I just hope I’m ready then, but I know I won’t be. Cherish the people in your life that mean the most to you, tell them that you love them and hold on tight the ride can be a blast.

This is just a small part of my story.

Bitches Brew

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